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      R&D power


      Research and development of technologically innovative new products is the key to success in the market.

      The R&D team of Guangzhou Rebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd has been working with famous skin care institutions in Japan, France, and America; we are in possession of the best raw materials and most advanced formulas in the world; we are the leader in the research and development of skin care products; and we are proud of our world class research and production center of professional skin care products.

      We have the best raw materials in the world that are provided by renowned international companies, including but not limited to the followings:

      1. Our raw materials used in emulsification process are provided by SEPPIC and GATTEFOSSE of France, Shin-Etsu of Japan, BASF of Germany, among others.

      2. Oil and grease suppliers

      Dow Corning, the largest silicone product producer in the world, and sunflower oil supplier FLORATECH; both are based in the United States.

      3. Supplier of active peptide: LIPOTEC, a Spain company specializes in bioactive substance production and biotransfer technology.

      4. Surfactant supplier: Professional amino acid-based surfactants from the manufacturer of the purest amino acid-based surfactant.

      5. First ever apple stem cell producer: MIBELLE of Swiss.

      Rebo's R&D department has been engaged in technological exchanges and cooperation with COSMOS institute, an independent technical center of NIKKOL group of Japan. Every year we visit COSMOS's lab to exchange information on cosmetics formula, including choice of raw materials, prevalent advanced emulsification technology, and formula designed specifically for Asian sin.

      A R&D team from France-based company SOFIA visited our company to establish cooperation relationship and to have in-dept exchanges on fashion trends in Europe and Asia.

      We conduct a numerous in-house tests and send our research achievements to dermatology institutions for testing.

      We select certain samples of the new achievements, test them, and invite corresponding raw material suppliers to have in-depth discussion and to obtain written scientific research documents.

      In addition to technologically innovative skin care research, our R&D team has set it a priority to protect human environment and the earth; we support the R&D idea of "Green Chemical" with concrete measures, and are leading the way in protecting the environment with innovations in high-end cosmetics. Our special panel of dermatologists consists of experts and researchers from most authoritative institutions in the world; they continue to provide professional advices on research and innovation under "Green Chemical". 

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