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      The quality control department has most strict testing systems, advanced lab testing equipment, class 100,000 bioassay lab, and professional quality inspectors. The whole process from raw materials, packaging materials, incoming goods, to semi-finished products and finished products is under control,

      The department properly follows all relevant procedures and management measures indicated by the Company's quality management system, environmental management system, and GMP;

      carries out quality inspection and handle anomalies of raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products according to relevant national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards; assists customer service to handle quality complaints and other customer complaints by analyzing and testing returned goods and following up consequent improvements; observes and stores retained samples of packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products by batch, and make regular sampling inspections of finished products in warehouse; and makes tour inspections, sanitary inspections, and quality control at the production site.
       It is also responsible for supervising the quality of products delivered by our supporting manufacturers of cosmetics, and coordinating the handling of quality issues, if there is any; responsible for quality monitoring and sampling inspection of cosmetics; participates in the establishment of the evaluation system for quality of cosmetic material suppliers; participates in the establishment and review of cosmetic product standards; and improves and properly implements quality control standards and corresponding procedures of the company's quality system. It is familiar with national laws and policies on cosmetics, and is responsible for review of the company's product packages for law compliance. 

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