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      How to grade skin care?
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      What is aged skin care?
      It means that skin care and anti-aging maintenance programs at different ages must be different from each other. Some maintenance should be done as early as possible.

      Sunscreen(as soon as possible)
      Sunscreen is the foundation of skin care. Ultraviolet light can cause a lot of damage to our skin: sunburn(inflammation, cell DNA damage), sunburn(melanin over-synthesis), light aging-wrinkle relaxation(dermal matrix degradation), and many injuries are irreversible or difficult to repair.
      Ultraviolet light does not hurt because the skin is young, so it should be protected from birth. The baby can choose to go out and wear an umbrella and hat.

      Moisturization(regardless of age)
      Now skin care technology provides moisturizing water, not just to allow the skin to absorb water and then seal it with a moisturizer so simple. The most basic purpose of moisturizing: to maintain the health of the skin barrier, that is, to maintain the most basic health and comfort of the skin; Higher Purpose: To make the skin look more watery and shiny. Moisturization should be done early for any purpose.

      Age resistance(age selection)
      There is no specific age definition for aging resistance. In general, the skin begins to show more obvious signs of aging from around the age of 25. The point is: different age groups(more precisely, skin age), should be age resistance.

      1. Before 25(moisturizing + eye care)
      It's an age of collagen, and skin doesn't need to be overnourished. It's good for daily moisturizing. It's also good for aging, such as antioxidant essence, because the skin's oxidation is already taking place. Learning, working, playing plays and playing games at this age are all senior late-night parties that prevent older people from becoming more stubborn in the black eye. It is recommended that early intervention be made to promote blood circulation and repair of periocular capillaries with suitable eye cream. Can help reduce the black eye.

      2. 25-35 years(regulating skin balance)
      Most of this age has come to society and has become a social person. It is inevitable that there will be pressure for business and life. At this time, the pressure on the skin will also be very large, resulting in skin imbalance. During this period, it is necessary for the skin to maintain stability and maintain the balance between metabolism and synthesis. If you supplement the skin, you can use some small molecules of peptide or small molecules of hyaluronic acid, the effect will be more significant, and it will not cause a burden.

      3. 35-45 years(relax + supplement)
      Collagen, elastic protein accelerated loss, fine lines began to produce. This is not the most serious, your life story left a track on your face: emoticon(Farin, Head, Sichuan). This time you think of the injection or stick to maintenance, this is your choice. I would recommend that this is the time to start enhancing the production of collagen, such as vitamin A alcohol, boson and other components. At the same time, pay attention to the relaxation of your own facial expression, you can also use the meat poison effect of the product.

      4. After 45 years of age(outline care)
      After 45 years of age, wrinkles and relaxation come along, and women face a large fluctuation of estrogen: menopause and menopause, which are always large Boss for skin resistance. In fact, after 45 years of age, wrinkles do not affect the beauty, but try not to relax.

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